Corner Alliance Delivers Effective Communications                                         Strategies for the Digital Age


“We talk about your team being our secret weapon. You guys make it happen.”
– Federal Division Director

Corner Alliance enables organizations to connect the value of their work to the customers and stakeholders they serve through powerful audience insights, creative content strategies, and cutting-edge digital communications tools. We help leaders communicate the impact they are making and what needs to be done to accomplish mission goals. Misguided communications efforts can result in decreased funding, limited external awareness, and ineffective customer and stakeholder engagement. In collaboration with our clients, Corner Alliance develops and executes proven communications plans that are flexible and responsive to budget, staffing, and environmental changes.

The Corner Alliance Process & Approach

Discover & Digest: Involve clients from the beginning to ensure plans complement strategic priorities, goals, and unique customer and stakeholder environments. Organizational buy-in at all levels is critical to success.

Catalogue & Consider: Know both where the organization stands today and where the organization wants to go in the future. This helps to identify where the biggest communications gaps exist, and how to fill them.

Envision & Execute: Identify key themes and messages to craft a compelling and effective content strategy across multiple platforms; create thought leaders for your mission.

Revisit & Refine: Accelerate what is working and refine what is not. A good plan provides the flexibility to reassess and modify as needed.

Effective communications strategies are not one-size-fits-all. The Corner Alliance approach ensures your organization has a consistent voice for many messages.

The Benefits of the Corner Alliance Approach to

  • Increases organizational relevance, visibility, and reach
  • Intensifies and focuses your impact and influence
  • Provides empirical data to justify budgets and decision-making
  • Builds customer and stakeholder champions that support and promote your priorities.

Corner Alliance employs a variety of proven communications tools and methodologies, including our innovative and effective content development methodology that leverages inbound marketing principles.

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