Every grant program is unique. Corner Alliance understands that what works for one program may not work for another, and each program faces a different set of challenges. In service of our clients, Corner Alliance leverages our understanding of potential challenges that cause additional paperwork and costly delays. Throughout the grant lifecycle, we help our clients:

  • Ensure that they and their recipients are good stewards of Federal funds
  • Demonstrate grant program success both internally and externally
  • Ensure that monitoring activities serve to fulfill the grant program’s mission
Grants lifecycle

The Grants Lifecycle

The Corner Alliance Process and Approach

Corner Alliance’s grants administration methodology is founded in tried and true strategic grants administration principles, yet incorporates creativity and innovation. We approach grants administration from a holistic perspective for our clients, tailoring our approach to the client’s specific needs and emphasizing key areas such as stakeholder outreach, recipient support, and program office/grants office coordination. As a result, Corner Alliance clients receive customized support.

Effective program management is the foundation on which all successful grants administration programs are built to ensure excellent program management, Corner Alliance leverages creative solutions to complex tasks through tools such as task trackers, project plan timelines, dashboards, web based data management and reporting tools, and customized quality assurance tactics such as weekly check-ins and immediate evaluation of resource issues.

Corner Alliance understands that robust stakeholder outreach, recipient support, and effective grant administration go hand-in-hand. In order to run a successful grant program, grant administrators will need to engage recipients throughout the entire lifecycle of the grant. We understand the ins and outs of outreach and commit to developing a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ stakeholder relationships to know how best to reach them.

The Benefits of the Corner Alliance Approach

  • Streamlined processes – the complex made simple and right-sized
  • Space for federal grants administration staff to focus on their most critical responsibilities
  • Supported recipients
  • Informed stakeholders


To learn how we can help your organization, please contact:
Alan Pentz @ apentz@corneralliance.com