As a leader, you are expected to be able to communicate and gather critical information on demand. Insite from Corner Alliance is a presentation and knowledge management solution that delivers the data needed, when it is needed most.

Insite’s cloud-based and web-enabled information gathering, retrieval and sharing platform is expressly designed to help leaders access vital information when presenting in high-stakes environments. Leaders who are tasked with Congressional testimonies, board meetings, investor presentations, and organizational updates will benefit from the collaboration tools and data on demand delivery provided by Insite. Corner Alliance combines proven presentation tactics, training, data management and strategic consulting with this innovative tool to help our clients succeed.

Insite Data Management Tool

  • Creates an efficient process for gathering data across an organization, in real time, from multiple platforms or mobile devices. Because Insite development is driven by the users it requires little to no training to master.
  • Assists your organization in becoming more efficient in how it collects updates and distributes information and speeds up an organization’s response time to data drills, reducing the strain on research staff across the organization.
  • Increases an organization’s transparency and accountability by storing key information on given topics. The built in workflow tracker and dashboard when combined with the track changes feature provides the leader and staff the comfort that the right people have reviewed and approved all material.
  • Allows users while in data mode to create customized records and provides powerful tools that track changes,   permit editing functions in Microsoft Word, grant access to workflow dashboards, and allows use of video and dynamic media. For leaders, the data mode can provide a quick understanding of key points and budget information through auto-generating charts and graphs.


 Insite Leadership Presentation Solution

  • Delivers a high-stakes information lifeline to presenters. Because the interface is hidden from audience view, the presenter can collaborate in real time with key behind-the-scenes staff members.
  • Provides one-click access for sharing vetted information on demand. Allows access to data in real-time and around the clock regardless of platform or device.
  • Saves valuable time and resources when searching for information to respond to such things as Questions for the Record (QFRs), questions from investors, and questions from the press.
  • Offers an intuitive presentation and data management environment that is platform-agnostic and integrates easily with a variety of information sources

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