Corner Alliance is committed to giving back to the local Washington, D.C. community, and ensuring that teens have the tools they need to achieve their goals. We are proud to partner with the Teamesteem Dream Corporation™ in promoting financial literacy and positive peer groups among local teens as a foundation for their future success.

_DSC0139The Teamesteem Dream Coroporation™ is currently conducting a video contest to celebrate teens who have adopted the organization’s key tenets of goal-setting, money management, and self-motivation. Corner Alliance employees worked pro-bono to develop a social media campaign for the contest, along with an overall strategy for the Teamesteem Dream Corporation™ moving forward.

“Daryl Mackey and the dedicated volunteers at the Teamesteem Dream Corporation™ recognize the potential for their organization to reach even further into the community through a focused, strategic approach to helping teens. Corner Alliance’s partnership with them provides a great opportunity to support their leaders and to give back to our community,” said Corner Alliance employee Clare Gallaher.

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity to help out an organization like the Teamesteem Dream Corporation™,” said Corner Alliance employee Brittany Boudens. “They are truly committed to improving teens’ lives, setting the foundation for a lifetime of success. I feel fortunate to be able to support them in their mission and help strengthen the Washington, D.C. community.”

teamesteem1“Every now and then you have a company that takes action in their effort to help out in the community,” said Teamesteem Dream Corporation™ CEO Daryl Mackey. “Corner Alliance has taken action and we are extremely grateful that they decided to select us during this season of giving. We believe that Corner Alliance has not only been proven to be a Fortune 500 company, but has and will continue to plant seeds of hope in communities around the world. They truly represent the reason for the season.”

Corner Alliance previously represented the Teamesteem Dream Corporation™ at the 2014 Pulley Career Center Transition Ceremony and supported the organization at the 2012 Teen Financial Summit. We look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.