The low costs of storing and delivering products and services over the Internet, the rise of an “always on” population connected by mobile devices and the capabilities created by the explosion of data available to us are revolutionizing our world. Customers and stakeholders are increasingly demanding that organizations provide them products and services when they want them and how they want them. Today’s leaders must redefine their missions and organizations to meet these expectations. Corner Alliance partners with innovative leaders to deliver solutions.


Cloud Architecture Solutions

Define & Improve Your Cloud Architecture

  • We work with organizations to design reliable, scalable, and robust network architectures from concept to design to implementation. Many organizations accumulate a large amount of disorganized or disparate technical infrastructure over time. We look at your entire server topography and third party services to identify wasted, redundant, underutilized or overly complex architectures.
  • We provide software development and technical architecture planning services to develop web, mobile and desktop applications. Ranging from upgrading existing applications to full scale development, we can save your time and money that would be otherwise gambled on outsourced development.

Web and Application Development

Develop Your Cloud and Mobile Applications

  • As your customers and stakeholders increase their use of mobile and connected devices, they expect your products and services to adapt. Our expert team of developers provides cloud and web application development to help your organization meet these expectations.

Improve Your User Interface/User Experience

  • An application is only as good as its design. If customers, employees or stakeholders are having difficulty using it, the applications will be less effective. Our designers help you identify and mitigate cumbersome, misleading or overly complex features for currently implemented software. We help organizations determine what is working, what is not and what it will take to fix the issues.

Data Design & Modeling

Design and Model Your Data

  • Data is one of your most valuable assets. You may have an abundance of information but without a database solution to model it effectively, that data is not benefiting your organization. We design and implement efficient and scalable database systems to make that information useful and provide analysis of current implementations to address bottlenecks and data issues.
  • Are your critical business processes hampered a maze of disorganized and error prone spreadsheets, documents and email chains? We develop software solutions to consolidate and streamline your organization’s data pipeline, making it more efficient, accurate and cost effective.